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Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Dream Trip Coming Soon...

Hello Everyone,

After two years working and learning with other projects, we come back again full of experience to re-introduce the concept of LowCostTourist. Initially, it was thought to be a travel consultancy where customers can pay a fixed fee for us getting the trip organized for him/her.

We will in fact keep this function alive at a slightly higher price, but now LowCostTourist will become a completely FREE website full of resources, tools and tricks that can help you organize your dream trip to either Europe, Australia or New Zealand, or even organize a Round the World Trip at the best available price you'll ever find.

The new website will take the structure of a step by step detailed guide organized by destinations and by following it you will be able to quickly find the lowest airfares, accommodation, train passes, cruises, rental cars and campervans, insurance, banking and more! The idea is that you have to feel as if you had a real person there telling you with detailed instructions about the exact method to find the best deals and actually booking them.

This in NOT going to be an extensive guide with millions of possibilities, you have travel guides for this purpose. This is a real selection of the best of the best when it comes to low-cost with a quality guarantee.

And even better, we are already working in new destinations so that in a mid-term future LowCostTourist will include practically any major destination in the world and how to approach it from a low-cost perspective.

We expect to have the project finalized and ready for you to plan your trips before the end of January 2011, and will advise of more specific release dates as soon as they become realistic enough to announce.

Meanwhile, you can check updates on this blog or see it by yourself in our website:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Trip to South America

Great Trip to South America

Many of us have only 2 weeks vacations per year. Others may have 3, and some more lucky people will get up to 4, 5 or even 6 weeks holidays per year. It is obvious that the possibility for doing long trips is very limited by our job.

In any case, there are special moments in life such as before having kids, in retirement or in any special career break when we could just get relaxed and go discover this big World.

Recently I found some great guys who are organizing some incredible trips in the whole world, and I was specially surprised by a trip they run in South America which last for 103 days for a cost near the 5000 Euros per person ($7800). The trip includes accommodation for all the days and a guide that will lead a small group of between 1 and 12-16 persons from Ecuador to Brazil passing through Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Tremendous experience to remember from my perspective, and something I'll surely do in the future. If you want more information on how to organize a trip like this, feel free to visit Travel Planning Help

Great Trip to South America

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

World Cruises

World Cruises

Definitely it's not something that you can afford every year, but I must say that if you really wish to do it and you manage to save, it is not that terrible. A world cruise involves many times that you will cruise nearly around the whole globe, and most of the times the package will include flights to the destination where the cruise starts.

World Cruises usually start in 3 different places. A typical point is in the UK, there are also many from the Australia and New Zealand zone and from the west coast of North America, specially from Seattle.

You will be involved in a trip that can last from 40 days and up to some cruises that I have found that are up to 108 days or even more. The price for that 108 days jewel was about 12,000 €, but of course if you take a shorter one you could get an inside cabin for 4,000 € or so. Normally in the price, apart from the flights to the departure point and back home, it will be included all the meals and use of installations on the boat and all shows and entrance to every part of the complex. You will be also entitled to receive lectures on the different places for free.

The only thing that will not be included is travel insurance many times and nearly never the tours in the cities you visit that you can book with external partners.

Again, probably World Cruises are not the kind of stuff you do pretty often, but if one day you have the time and the money, you can discover the world in just a single long trip on a luxury ship!

World Cruises

Friday, January 25, 2008

Last Minute Deals?

Last Minute Deals?

No, thanks. That would be best answer I can give to you. You know, companies need to get benefits, and all the ones that are specialized in last minute flight deals have done a great marketing effort in order to convince some people that booking at the very last moment is beneficial.

Sincerely, let them keep saying that, but avoid booking with them unless it is absolutely impossible to do it in another way (because you decided to take the trip on the last day)

Prices are not going to be cheaper than when planning ahead, and furthermore you have a high risk of having no places at the flight you want to take. Plan ahead, you'll get even a better price than for last minute flights and you will risk nothing.

The worse you can do? An intermediate. Booking between 1 and 2 weeks before your flight is the worse of the situations because you are not taking advantage of reduced fares for booking early and the last minute deals have still not appeared. That's the time when price is higher. It is funny then to know that many of the people you will se on the plane have booked during this period and payed 5 times what you did!

Last Minute Deals?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tourism Prices in the Future

Tourism Prices in the Future

Today I'll leave it very short discussing about the topic of future expected prices in the tourism industry. To understand each concept we must separate the accommodation world, as it has existed nearly since we set foot on this planet, and the airlines world, which is something very recent and has a lot to improve still.

If we speak about hotels, I have bad news. The way society is developing makes us every time want more comfort and more luxury. This is seen by hotel owners and investors and every time more luxury resort properties are built and run to make good money. Prices will rise, even if competition lowers them, as they will be always able to make publicity of extreme comfort and services to justify the price.

In the case of the airline industry, I've got good news. Probably in Europe we won't see a big difference because prices are already the lowest they can possibly be, with some flights costing 0.01 Euros if you book early. Instead, in the rest of the World, and specially in North America and the South Pacific there is a lot to do and prices will surely go down.

A plane is seen very differently than a hotel and people want it to be efficient, not a luxury item. They want to go from one place to another for the cheapest price possible, and the most of the people do not care if they've got extra services and luxury. This is the main reason why prices will go down as competence is very high in the sector.

Still, there's a factor that will play hard in the years to come, which is the price of the fuel. I could not make a prediction on how it is going to climb or fall because I feel there are still many secrets hidden below the surface that will soon arise. In any case, we must keep an eye on it to prevent from future unexpected growing in airline prices takes could take us from the back.

After all, we'll always have the opportunity to get nearly free hotels by using Free Travel Certificates.

Tourism Prices in the Future

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Get Free Travel Certificates by Writing Articles

Get Free Travel Certificates by Writing Articles

What would you think if I tell you that if you write 5 articles of about 500 words each you will get a free travel certificates useful for 3 days and 2 nights in deluxe accommodation?

What if I tell you that if you write 10 articles you will get 4 nights at Cancun in Mexico?

And similar things happen for 15, 20 and 25 articles, getting in this last one the possibility to fly with a 90% discount plus 2 hotel nights and the opportunity to stay during 7 nights at a 5 star resort nearly for free.

We agree it sounds good.

This opportunity didn't exist before, but since this Monday it does at Free Travel Certificates

(Tip of the Day: when booking flights, do book the short and cheap ones over the Internet, but book the long trips over the phone and ask thousands of questions in order to get the best deal)

Get Free Travel Certificates by Writing Articles